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Private Jet Charter

Flexibility, privacy, and efficiency, these are the reasons why you should book a private jet charter with us. Whether you want to travel from one country to another in luxury, or you are planning for a family trip, the private jet charter is the best option for you.


Business Jet Charter

Businesses are becoming multinational, meaning, you will have to stay connected with top executives whenever you want. Now travel faster, and along with it, save valuable time with our business jet charter.


Let’s take you to the world of luxury through private jets.

Fly with ease

Private jets always work as per your schedule. You fix the time for your meeting or program and board the flight accordingly.

No more stress

Tired of those lengthy check-in queues, want to avoid airport’s security intense scrutiny, book a private jet and enjoy your flight.

Save time

No need to worry about the usual crowded and busy international airports. Private jets will give you an unforgettable calmer experience.

Trustworthy and expert service

Because clients expect high-value services in private jets, we ensure to offer experts at your disposal who are specialised in charter planning.

We Fly You To Over 20.000 Destinations World Wide

Curly Airline proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service.

Get to know more about our premium jet card program.

Choose your aircraft

Tell us about your style, is it modern or classic, and we will assist you in choosing a private charter that suits your taste and style.

Safe and Secure

We understand that during unprecedented times, you would like to travel with full confidence. That’s why we make sure that every aircraft is safe and secure.

Strong network

Nixtour Charter has strong connections with all Indian, as well as, foreign airline carriers so that we get to offer you multiple choices.

Experienced professionals

Nixtour Charter has hired the best people from the aviation fraternity who has more than ten years of experience.


Land closer to your destination in lesser time and 5-star service. Because you will be traveling in a private jet, you can take all your special belongings with you.

Right aircraft for the right budget

Choose the aircraft as per your needs and wants, and we will make sure to offer the best and cost-effective price for the same.

Luxury Charters

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